Women's Golf Association (WGA)

Welcome! Please contact Ryan Maier for questions or information regarding Hillcrest Country Club's Women's Golf Association.

Ryan Maier, PGA
Head Golf Professional
317.251.1425 ext.240

WGA  2022 Executive Board
1.  Chair: Deborah Knauss
2. Co-Chair: Maureen Allen
3. Former Chair: Julie Dunn
4. Nicole McGoff
5. Debbie Chapman
6. Mary Ann Tobin
7. Katie Osborne
8. Janie Jacobs
9. Sally Alden

2021 Cross Country Tournament Results

Please click here or on the image above.

2021 WGA Ole Buddy Championship Match
WGA Ole Buddy Championship Match - Jill Thierwechter & Jill Hackman vs Dr. Isabella Eiler & Julia Wegeng. And "the Jill's Win!" Jill Thierwechter & Jill Hackman go on to WIN the 2021 Hillcrest Ole Buddy Championship. CONGRATULATIONS Ladies. 

September 6, 2021 update

Diamond Rush Results
The Hillcrest WGA Diamond Rush had and amazing day for the 4th Annual Event.  To see all the winners and winning scores, simply click and open the link below.

Hillcrest Women's Summer Classic
84 Strong for the Hillcrest Women's Summer Classic. Thank You all for such a fun filled day!

2021 WGA Avalon Cup
Congratulations Captain Sue Russel and Team (White) on being the Winners of the WGA Avalon Cup!